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Your AI-powered code review assistant

Your AI-powered code review assistant

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Save costly developer time by automating pull request summaries. Open a pull request and get a summary of the changes in seconds. Instantly understand the implications of small pull requests and get a huge headstart on big ones.

A lot of time is spent on code reviews with back and forth between the reviewer and the author – often about minor changes that could be done automatically. Just comment on the lines of code that should be refactored with /wtd and describe the changes that you want.What The Diff will then suggest the changes in the pull request and you can accept them with a single click.

What The Diff analyzes the changes of your pull requests and gives you and your team a summary of all the changes in plain english – no need to do this yourself. What The Diff has been trained with a huge data set of code and supports nearly all programming languages. Install the GitHub app for free and give it a try it on one of your repositories.

What The Diff gives you full control over when and how it should analyze your pull requests.

  • You control which repositories should be active
  • Configure the comment trigger (PR opened, PR updated, PR labeled)
  • Ignore PRs from certain branches
  • Choose which files should be included/excluded from the summary
  • Generate comments on-demand

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