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From Now on, You Don’t Have to Feel Embarrassed. Train Your Tongue to Speak Fluently

From Now on, You Don’t Have to Feel Embarrassed. Train Your Tongue to Speak Fluently

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Choosing Soofy over other language learning apps has distinct advantages. Soofy is the world’s first app that uses AI to help students practice their language skills, something no other app has done before. Other apps, such as Babbel, Duolingo and others, are limited to providing pre-built courses and focusing on the user’s savings. With Soofy, there is no limit to how you can use the app.

Train Your Tongue to Speak Fluently

With Soofy, you can learn how to use your new language effectively in everyday conversations. You’ll quickly gain the skills you need, such as debating, discussing ideas and books. With all of these options, you’ll be able to select a topic of your choice and have meaningful conversations in no time.

Expand Your Vocabulary

With Soofy, you can quickly and easily learn new expressions and words commonly used in the language you are trying to learn, along with their definitions and examples, as well as translations to your native language. You can also write your own examples and our advanced AI will provide instant feedback to help you perfect the language.

Enhance your writing with the vocabulary you have learned.

With Soofy, you can improve your writing by making use of the words you have learned, by describing a picture, writing essays and our AI will provide instant feedback to help you improve your level.

AI writing tools

With Soofy, you can ask our AI to write emails, articles, generate ideas and assist you with your writing needs. Our AI will be your trusted assistant.

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