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Instant Automagic 3D creation

Instant Automagic 3D creation

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3D modelling has never been easier.

Our main purpose is to support creators with the tools they need to stay creative. We believe that with an easy to use 3D-creation tool, less time and resources is needed on painstakingly modeling every asset, allowing creators to focus on other creative elements of their production.

If you are creating a game, virtual world or experience, you need a lot of stuff to make the environment come to life. We think it’s too time consuming and hard to achieve this today and want to simplify 3D, while still giving creators the tools to stay unique. With this, we hope to enable more people to create amazing games and experiences.

Generate 3D. Fast.

No more watching hours of tutorials to make something simple, or hunting for just the right asset.
Just jump in and create.

Ever-expanding library

Use our constantly growing library of generators to create exactly what you need, and continuously get inspired by new additions.

Easy customization

Quickly customize models using unique sliders and toggles to make it fit your style perfectly – or just hit randomize to experiment.

Ready to use

UV-unwrapped and ready for texturing, and optimized for real-time use, with any LOD you need. No surprises, just get back to creation.

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