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The AI Tool That Turns English Into Excel Formulas In Seconds.

The AI Tool That Turns English Into Excel Formulas In Seconds.

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Create complex Excel formulas using plain English with SheetGod. The AI-powered tool also allows you to create macros, regular expressions, and basic tasks, as well as Google Appscript code snippets to automate your daily manual work. Try it now and experience the power of SheetGod.


SheetGod uses AI to help users create Excel formulas from plain English, saving time and effort when working with data in Excel. SheetGod can generate Appscript and VBA code to automate tasks in Google Sheets and Excel, making it easy to manage large sets of data. SheetGod supports regular expressions, allowing users to extract specific pieces of information from their data and apply complex transformations. SheetGod provides step-by-step tutorials for basic tasks in Excel and Google Sheets, making it easy for users to learn how to use these tools effectively. SheetGod can be used to send marketing emails and generate bulk PDFs, allowing users to use their data to communicate with customers and create reports. SheetGod can be used to create Google Workspace Add-Ons and Microsoft Excel Add-Ins, allowing users to extend the functionality of their spreadsheets and automate even more tasks.

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