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Generate AI Artworks using only text. Make your dream artworks into reality.

Generate AI Artworks using only text. Make your dream artworks into reality.

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The program is built on the stable diffusion public AI.

One of the key goals is to raise awareness of AI generated art. As it is now, this technology is already out, and is available to those who can afford the high end GPU’s that would typically required for it. However it also has the real potential of abuse, in both political or social spaces. And it’s not a question of if it will happen, but when, and how.

Thankfully, the AI as it is now, is not perfect, it takes significant effort to make an AI generated picture indistinguishable from pictures, be it through prompt-engineering, or photo editing. But it is getting there, in a couple of years, if not months.

So we need to start getting ready for its arrival, and one way is to educate and give as many people in the public direct access to use it, for artistic purposes, in its imperfect form.

This allows us society, at large to start having the discussion on how we should deal with this technology, and understand it. Before it comes out in its “perfect form” where it is indistinguishable from real images, in the selected hands of a few elites.

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