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The easiest & fastest way to integrate GPT into your apps.

The easiest & fastest way to integrate GPT into your apps.

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Make your SaaS & mobile apps stand out with the power of GPT

Develop, test, manage, and improve all your prompts in one place. Then integrate with one simple API call – no matter which provider.

Manage all your GPT prompts & providers in one place

Stop wasting precious development time: With Promptitude, anyone can create, test, and manage powerful GPT prompts using a beautiful interface. You can even mix and match different AI providers and models, saving costs by picking the smallest sufficient model. Meet your internal control center for everything GPT.

Integrate the power of GPT with one simple API

Adding GPT to your production SaaS requires much more than just coming up with a prompt: From parsing results to correct error handling, logging, gathering user feedback, improving prompts, etc. Promptitude does all the heavy-lifting for you, so all that’s left is copy-and-paste one simple API call.

Test & improve your GPT prompts with user feedback

Testing your prompts with just a few examples doesn’t cut it – the variety of use cases is usually too broad. Promptitude lets you gather feedback from your end-users, so you can filter the logs for good and bad generations and improve your prompts right-away (with automatic fine-tuning on the roadmap – just saying).

Get started with the ready-to-use GPT prompt library

Discover prompts for common use cases and start using them with just one click: Summarize text, generate headlines and product descriptions, extract information from web pages, and so much more. Or contribute to Promptitudes growing library of prompts by creating your profile as a professional prompt engineer and publishing your prompts – exposure and new connections guaranteed. Coming March 2023.


  1. For SaaS & App Developers: Gain new users for your SaaS app, and wow existing ones by adding powerful GPT features like text generation, information extraction, etc.
  2. For Prompt Engineers & Users: With Promptitude, you can finally develop, test, and manage all your prompts in one place.
  3. For AI Hosting Providers: Boost API usage by empowering your users with easy-to-use prompt management by Promptitude.

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