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AI image resizer for social media

AI image resizer for social media

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AI image resizer

Cropping each and every image by hand can be tiresome. Pixelhunter utilizes amazing Uploadcare Intelligence API to recognize objects and crop pictures automatically, in a smarter way.

Just upload your image of any size and it will be automatically resized to each and every of 102 sizes we support. AI is there to ensure that your image is resized in the best way that a robot can do. Other than that, Pixelhunter features real pro-tips that are there to actually help you and not just to fill up the space.

Pictures for Facebook

Because the size of this social network, Facebook images are mostly utilitarian. Don’t expect people to passionately explore them and pin them to their moodboards. However, Facebook supports a wide variety of sizes, so you can utilize them to build a solid brand image.

Pictures for Instagram

It’s a part Facebook but it works different than Facebook itself. Today’s Instagram is all about color palettes and visual aesthetics. People even design multiple images in a way that they look good together put into grid. Keep your images as visually appealing as possible.

Pictures for Twitter

Even though supported, pictures are not the main part of Twitter feeds — text is the king. However, Twitter provides every way for you to design your profile to make it sleek and appealing.

Pictures for YouTube

On the world’s largest hosting for videos, pictures are still very important. On YouTube, they are the instrument of attracting new audience, less so of keeping the existing one entertained. As the platform changes and clickbait falls out of grace, it’s better to keep video thumbnails informative and truthful.

Pictures for TikTok

This fast-paced social media was so influential that even YouTube made every attempt to catch on. Because of the speed of content consumption and its variety it’s pretty much impossible to predict trends on TikTok, so the key is building the loyal audience that watches what you do because of who you are.

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