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The first AI photographer

The first AI photographer

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Photo AI is the first AI Photographer.

The idea is that it costs less money and time to do photo shoots virtually than it does in real life (IRL). You save money in hiring and traveling the model and equipment and photo shoot team to a place. Or if you do pay for a photographer yourself, it might be $250-1,500 per shoot which gives you 75-100 photos.

With Photo AI you instead train a model of yourself (or a model if you’re an agency) on photos of them and generate shoots in different locations, times, apparel, and poses. With the Pro plan you get 1,000 photos per month, so about 10 regular photo shoots, which means $2,500 to $15,000 if it was a real photo shoot. So about 100x to 500x cheaper than booking a real photographer. It also might be useful if you just want to generate nice photos of yourself for your social media if you’re an influencer.

It’s not perfect though, the % of bad photos with AI is much higher than a regular photo shoot. But since it’s 100x cheaper that might not be such a problem.

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