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Your AI Meeting Assistant

Your AI Meeting Assistant

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Maximize the value of your meetings, of your customer calls, of your hiring interviews and of your team meetings

MeetGeek is an AI meeting assistant that automatically video records, transcribes, summarizes, and provides key insights from every meeting.

Peace of mind. Focused conversations.

Focus on having high-quality conversations while all important information is captured for you.

Free up your calendar.

Turn meetings from mandatory to optional when you’re not an active participant. Skip the meeting and watch a summary later.

Uncover blindspots. Take immediate action.

Use meeting insights and tailored tips to understand where your meetings suffer and take immediate action.

Take back control over your calendar

Skip meetings where you are not an active participant and catch up with a 5 min summary later. Delivered right to your inbox. Use video highlights to quickly catch-up with topics of interest instead of watching the entire meeting recording.

Capture the essential from your meetings

Create your own highlights or use AI suggestions to capture the most important moments of your meetings and share meaningful content for your team to watch. Repurpose knowledge stored in conversations to create powerful and impactful stories that can be shared with others.

All conversations details at your fingertips

Store all the important information from your internal meetings and customer calls in a single, searchable location. Go back in time and find exactly what you’re looking for in your post-meeting video transcripts using keyword search that includes not just one, but all your meeting recordings.

Easily keep your team in sync

Make it easy for your team to stay in sync while having fewer alignment meetings. MeetGeek makes it easy to define teams and share meetings seamlessly between team members.

Measure and uncover your meetings’ weak points

Identify strengths and improvement opportunities for yourself and your team’s meetings. Drill down through teams, meeting types, participants and many more dimensions. Measure meeting engagement, efficiency or burnout and use top class tips to improve over time.

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