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Scaled outreach with unlimited email accounts

Scaled outreach with unlimited email accounts

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About helps you run smart, automated, AI-driven email campaigns to grow your business.

  • AI Email Writer: Our Magic AI email writer will automatically write and setup your email campaigns for you. Just provide a few details and our AI will do the rest.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts: Connect unlimited email accounts. We don’t charge per inbox, so you can connect as many email accounts as you want.
  • Automation: Upload all your contacts, use our AI to setup your campaigns, and setup daily limits and done. Now watch all the responses flow to your inbox as mails are sent everyday on your behalf.

AI Optimized for Increased deliverability and replies

Safely send thousands of emails daily while maintaining your sender reputation. Just simply connect your sender accounts and let our AI automatically optimize email sending patterns.

  • Save Time: Save time by automating emailing campaigns. So you can focus on the fun stuff – closing deals.
  • More Revenue: It’s simple. Maximize your outreach campaigns to increase replies and close more deals.

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