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AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution

AI-powered contextual computer vision ad solution

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LensAI monetizes any visual content and fine-tunes targeting through identifying objects, logos, actions, and context and matching them with relevant ads

Innovative Ad Slots Offer:
  • Previously unoccupied in-image and in-video spaces that receive users’ max attention
  • No manual work and pre-processing to serve ads
  • Co-exist with traditional forms of advertising
Intelligent Ad:
  • Less intrusive
  • Eye-pleasing
  • Highly relevant to the content
  • Unobtrusively placed
  • Clickable shopping feature
Significant ROI for Marketing Investments:
  • Brand Awareness Ads: our unique associative advertising algorithm taps into the user’s emotions and creates an urge to buy
  • Product Ads: instant product/service sales straight from the relevant ad content in real time

Contextual Targeting

While contextual targeting is a tried-and-true method of targeting users, LensAI is the only computer vision solution on the market that targets audiences based on the content they are interested in and drawn to, not personal information about users. Taking third-party cookies out of the advertising equation, LensAI prioritizes first-party relationships.

Respect for User Privacy

As LensAI does not depend on cookies or alternative user-level identifiers, LensAI enables Advertisers to reach relevant audiences effectively and ethically – by tailoring ads to the context in which their audience is browsing rather than what user’s identities or behaviors are. So, no hidden tricks whatsoever!

Precise Targeting

LensAI gives Advertisers the power to define the desired context for their ads by identifying what objects and other entities detected in the visual content count as relevant ones. LensAI opens the door to cookie-less world! From now on, creating personal ad experiences is done by placing ads in the right context. Yep, no privacy hackles detected!

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