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Personalised AI for writers

Personalised AI for writers

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Your Creativity, Amplified.

We make the boring parts of writing exciting. LAIKA is a creative partner that you train to write like you (or anyone you want). Made for creative writers, game writers, and all other fiction fabricators.

Never Get Stuck Again

LAIKA can continue every thought you start. LAIKA writes with you. In your voice or a voice you choose.

Invent Characters

Need to learn more about a character in your book? LAIKA uses context to create traits of the characters in your story. All you need to provide is a name and a tiny snippet of backstory.

What You See Is What You Get

Want to visualise what you’ve been writing about? Conjure up images with the press of a button. In a style fitting to the world your writing takes place in.

A Creative Conversation

Imagine writing a book with Kafka, Austen, or Dostoevsky. LAIKA offers a continuously growing number of “brains” of famous writers to explore and collaborate with.

Create Your Own Brains

A “brain” consists of tone of voice, context, characters, and places — the essence of your writing. With LAIKA you can easily create brains to write with. A growing flock of writing buddies, based on your own text or any style you want to work with.

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