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Empowering AI Innovation

Empowering AI Innovation

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Community of Makers, building with state-of-the-art, modernArtificial Intelligence. Join a Hackathon event today!

Whether you’re an AI / tech industry professional or just have a passion for game-changing artificial intelligence technologies, you’re welcome at our hackathons. At lablab, we’re all about building a community of makers and innovators creating the AI Native future.

In addition to AI/tech industry experts, we also welcome people with other types of domain knowledge. Building successful AI solutions requires more than just technical expertise; we also need domain knowledge from other industries, it’s a key component to identify valuable solutions and business cases.

Events are organized in a friendly but competitive spirit where you will work in teams to innovate with given AI technology as your core. We provide you with insights, boilerplates and domain expertise in the form of mentors.

  • Start: Each event will feature a startup presentation viewed via Discord and Twitch. Startup presentation topics include the AI technology we will use, the event schedule, and your questions. Lastly, we try to get you all pumped to build disturbing solutions
  • While: During events, we do interviews & talks that are streamed on Twitch. Our platform allows teams to request help from mentors with a push of a button. We also lift in attending teams on Twitch during the event for interviews.
  • End: Each event ends with team presentations/pitches that we stream on Twitch. During this session, each team gets 5min to present/showcase their solutions, followed by 5min questions from mentors & audience.

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