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The AI Sidekick that makes teams more productive

The AI Sidekick that makes teams more productive

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Leave the time-consuming grunt work to Harvey – Hiver’s AI bot. Focus your attention on the more important tasks.

Meet Harvey – the AI assistant that always has your back

Your customer support teams now have an intelligent and dependable sidekick in Harvey – Hiver’s AI Bot. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP),Harvey powers up Hiver’s intuitive Gmail-based helpdesk capabilities. Harvey can accurately identify the context of customer conversations and offer intelligent suggestions to support agents, enabling them to work faster and delight customers even better.

Email templates for canned responses are a great way to offer quick answers. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have to choose the ‘best’ template from a list of available templates. Harvey helps you find the email template you need – by analyzing customer messages and intelligently suggesting the most relevant template(s) to help provide a satisfactory resolution. You can also combine parts of Harvey’s suggested templates to create custom responses.

After agents resolve and close conversations, customers often send ‘Thank You’ responses – these don’t require any action, but reopen the conversations. The agents, then, manually close them again. If you manage hundreds of such conversations frequently, your teams would need to spend too much time and effort to ‘close’ them individually. Imagine how this skews the service metrics! Harvey, with its Thank You Detection feature, can identify and close conversations that get reopened due to non-actionable customer responses having an underlying “Thank you” sentiment.

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