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A one-stop solution to your spreadsheet problems

A one-stop solution to your spreadsheet problems

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Easily generate excel formulas, VBA automations, and even SQL queries using our free AI toolkit powered by fine-tuned GPT models. We help you debug your formulas and code too!

Create Complex Formulas with Ease.

Our intuitive interface allows you to quickly generate excel formulas by simply entering Text Instructions. For example, try entering a description like “Split the text in cell A2 where the “/” symbol appears into two columns” and we will automatically generate a formula for the prompt.

Quickly Fix Errors and Get Formula Explanations

It can get pretty frustrating when you spend time trying to nail a formula or a block of code and it still doesn’t work. Let our Error Spotter feature help you out! You can now debug formulas and code for Excel and Google Sheets, and commands for SQL too! Also, if you don’t understand what your formulas mean or how to use them, our Explain Formula feature will help. Simply enter the formula as input to get an easy-to-understand explanation for it.

Generate VBA, SQL and Appscript Code

Our Generate Code feature gives you the option of choosing between Excel and Google Sheets so that you’ll never be stuck! We also have a separate Generate SQL feature which requires only basic inputs like Table Name and Column Names to give you the perfect SQL code for your prompt!

Get Instant Answers with Answer Bot.

Try an unrestricted Q/A experience by unlocking the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT with FormulaGenerator’s AnswersBot.

Ever had questions like –

  • How do I create a chart in excel?
  • How do pivot tables work?
  • how to substring a column in Google Sheets?

Let’s be honest. To find a simple answer on a Search Engine, one has to browse through multiple websites and get bombarded with ads to eventually find what you’re looking for. With us, you get quick and accurate step-by-step answers!

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