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Animate 3D

Animate 3D

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Since its inception in 2014, DeepMotion has been on a mission to bring digital characters to life using AI powered motion capture and real-time 3D body tracking. Their industry leading solutions let you generate 3D animations from 2D videos using any browser, perform 3D body tracking in real-time on your mobile device, and revolutionize your VR experiences with full body 3D avatars.

Say hello to a revolutionary solution for capturing and reconstructing full-body motion, including Face and Hand Tracking. Animate 3D lets you turn videos into 3D animations for use in games, augmented/virtual reality, sports analysis and many more applications. Simply upload a video clip, select output formats and job settings, and RUN! It’s that simple.

Animate 3D lets you create animations from video clips in minutes, drastically reducing development time and costs. With pioneering features such as Physics Simulation, Foot Locking, Hand Ground Contact, Slow Motion handling, Face & Hand Tracking, you have more control and flexibility to create high-fidelity 3D animations.

Upload custom FBX, GLB or VRM characters, use our default characters including a new ROBLOX avatar, or create new models directly through Animate 3D, and our AI will automatically retarget animations onto your custom characters. With an interactive animation previewer you can verify your 3D animation results immediately and edit them in our new Rotoscope Pose Editor all in the web browser before downloading.

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