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Turn your thoughts into code

Turn your thoughts into code

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AI code writing assistant for data scientists, engineers, and analysts. Get code completions and suggestions as you type.

What can CodeSquire Do?

  • Turns your comments into code: Quickly write code by translating your comments into code, like in this example where we quickly create a Plotly bar chart.
  • Writes functions using well-known libraries: Create entire functions with ease, without searching for library methods and parameters. In this example, we created a function that loads df to AWS bucket in parquet format.
  • Translates Language into SQL queries: Write SQL queries by providing CodeSquire with simple instructions on what you want to pull, join, and group by, like in the following example where we are trying to determine the top 10 most common names.

  • Explains code: CodeSquire can even help you understand someone else’s code, just ask to explain the function above, and get your explanation in plain text.

  • Writes complex functions by specifying multiple steps: CodeSquire can help you create complex functions that involve several logic steps. Brainstorm with it by starting simple and adding more complex features as you go.

  • Writes code, tailored to your code style and use cases: Increase your productivity by getting smart suggestions from CodeSquire.


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