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The modern coding superpower.

The modern coding superpower.

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Codeium is the modern coding superpower, a code acceleration toolkit built on cutting edge AI technology. For now, the team is releasing a free code generation tool, but wants to hear from you to shape the product roadmap.

The Codeium team believes there are too many parts of the modern coding workflow that are boring, tedious, or downright frustrating, from regurgitating boilerplate to poring through StackOverflow. The team can use recent advances in AI to eliminate these parts, making it seamless to turn your ideas into code. With easy integration into editors, you can focus on being the best software developer, not the best code monkey.

At the core, Codeium is using a large generative machine learning model that is capable of understanding the context of your code and comments in order to generate suggestions on what you might want to type next. We have coupled this with state of the art ML serving infrastructure to create a highly performant and scalable product. Codeium is not always right (there’s always room for improvement!), but you will feel like you have superpowers with even just 10% of your work being assisted by Codeium.

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