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AweMyFace — is a skincare app and your only guide on the way to the perfect skin.

The acne’s problem worries every 8th adult on Earth. But there is no single right solution that would help everyone. That is why it is so important to understand your personal body, to build your personal cause-and-effect relationships, which improves / worsens the situation with a person. The AweMyFace skincare application will help to find your way to cleaner and healthier skin.

How it works?

  • PHOTOS: Take a photo of your face and our artificial intelligence will find acne and show the percentage of the affected area of each zone: forehead, temples, T-zone, nose, cheeks and chin. Any micro change that is difficult to notice even with the closest eye will not pass by the attention of our skincare AI. You will always have an objective picture of the changes. Our AI detects acne with 99.1% accuracy.
  • ROUTINE: Mark your actions in several aspects strategically important for the skin: food, sleep, sports, cycle, stress, etc. The holistic approach of tracking your actions will help you track what exactly has more weight in the causes of your acne.
  • PROGRESS: In the Results section, we will show you daily, weekly and monthly progress, highlighting what you should pay attention to and what actions to take to improve your skin, to get rid of acne and make your skin cleaner.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Get your individual recommendations based on your skin condition and daily routine. These articles will help you to understand causal relationship between what you do and what your skin says.
  • OFFLINE: All of the features acne tracking, daily quiz and even progress are working offline. Therefore you will be able to go through daily routine even you don’t have internet connection.
  • SECURE: All of your photos and data are stored only on your device and won’t be shared with anyone else.

Download our skincare app today and start your journey to healthy and clean skin without acne!

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