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Augment Your Voice

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Their unique technology allows you to change your voice to any of our carefully curated portfolio or custom voices and create compelling professional voice performances.

Altered Studio is a next-generation audio editor that integrates multiple Voice AI technologies into a single user friendly application. It runs online as well as locally on Windows and Mac using local computing resources.

Altered Studio provides exclusive access to their unique Speech-To-Speech, Performance-To-Performance Speech Synthesis technology that pushes the boundaries of what can be done with Voice.

  • Create a whole production by yourself: Drive a whole multi-character production by yourself, create engaging performances, from whispered secrets to shouted commands.
  • Sound like an actor: Change your accent, add gravitas and charisma of professional voices to your performance.

  • Transcribe, add Voice-Over and Translate: Transcribe, add Voice-Over with Text-To-Speech and Translate your audio files. They support a large number of languages via all major Voice AI providers. All in one place, so that you can experiment quickly and even dub your videos or podcasts in multiple languages.

  • Focus on creativity: Reduce costs and friction typically associated with voice-over prototyping & production. Focus on the experience rather than budgets, logistics and lengthy processes.

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