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Insights in a world of chaos

Insights in a world of chaos

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AlphaResearch helps investors extract information from unstructured texts, filings, earnings call transcripts, and much more.

Document Search

AlphaResearch provides an unparalleled AI-powered search engine for everything text. We scan through millions of global filings, transcripts, press releases and reports to find the exact insights that you are looking for.

Company Fundamentals & Estimates

Access global institutional-grade fundamental data, market data, news and analyst’s estimates for financial modeling, and stock research.

Advanced Data Analytics

We apply Machine learning and NLP techniques to extract insights from texts and traditional fundamental data to save you hundreds of hours of research and understand what executives and market think about the future of the company.

Find the Needle in a Haystack.

Our system let you search through millions of filings and text documents in seconds. You can also highlight, reference and write your own notes right inside the platform. You can then share your research and collaborate with other colleagues. Try out a free search on AAPL 10K, TSLA 10K or AAPL 10K.

Discover Uncharted Insights.

Detecting tone change in transcripts, finding sentiment divergence between executives & analysts, and understanding which stocks retail investors are discussing are amongst many powerful things you can do with AlphaResearch.

Freeing you to focus on alpha generation.

AlphaResearch is built to help investors make better investment decisions and executives execute better business plans. It doesn’t matter if you are an institutional investor, retail investor or a corporate strategist, AlphaResearch will provide you with unique insights, reduce time to discovery and help save hundreds of hours of research.

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