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Powered by Tech. Designed for Hospitality

Powered by Tech. Designed for Hospitality

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5-Out is on a mission to maximize the profitability of every restaurant, using machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis to automate smarter, better decisions.

Put Your Data to Work and Predict the Future. In just 5 minutes, 5-Out integrates a wide range of systems you already use, such as Point of Sale, labor scheduling, purchasing and inventory, weather, social media, ordering, news and events. 5-Out predicts what you’re going to sell and when you’re going to sell it to optimize labor and purchasing.

Success Is More Predictable Than You Think. Our suite of powerful features levels the playing field, so you can easily set goals and meet them.

Predictive Intelligence

Improve your bottom line without relying on guesswork. Next-gen machine learning and artificial intelligence analyzesyour data in real-time, predicting what your business will sell and when you will sell it up to 21 days in advance, with as high as 98% confidence.

Real-Time Recommendations

Based on our predictions, 5-Out recommends real-time staffing and purchasing actions you can take to increase profitability.

Lookback Reports

Tracks weekly and daily performance over time, both on your business and on the accuracy of our projections, empowering you to make more confident decisions.

Easy Setup & Integration

Automatically integrates data from the systems you already use, in just 5 minutes. Even though 5-Out uses cutting-edge technology, there is no onboarding or employee setup needed, no trouble integrating with your current suite of tools, and no software to replace.

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